The Lost Madonna – now completed

“The Lost Madonna” Based on the Madonna col Bambino e Angeli by Fra Filippo Lippi,

A novel from Denise Gow.

In a Renaissance nunnery, the beautiful Lucrezia is raised since a foundling by the sisters who adore and secretly covet her. Filippo Lippie paints a fresco of the Madonna using the nubile Lucrezia as his muse, whom he later abducts – then abandons her.

Jealousy can be dangerous.

In a palazzo in modern-day Florence, a group of icon painters one of whom is inspired by Lucrezia’s Madonna, vie for the attention of their teacher, Mark.

Jealous desire can be fatal.

Two of the group delve into the mystery of the missing Madonna – what happened to Lucrezia? Why did the nunnery burn down? What will be found in the excavations happening beneath the Palazzo? And Mark’s daughter – how will she react when she sees her father falling for her Italian friend?

Meanwhile, the group succumb to pent-up jealousies ripping the veil of control apart.


I’m thrilled with the edit and it is time to promote.

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